New Years Eve Spread

I find myself always day dreaming about my ideal jobs and I have come to the conclusion that pretty much anything that requires me to be creative and organized and entertaining is my forte. Growing up my mom would throw parties for neighbors, family friends, etc. and would go through the hassel of making our house look like a model home. It drove me nuts… but as I’ve gotten older I have realized the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! I was “hosting” new years eve at my place for two of my oldest, closest friends. I could have had my apartment a mess and they wouldn’t have cared but I wanted it to be set up just right. I bought new champagne flutes (that I have found every excuse since to use) looked up cocktails to make, bought chocolate desserts and mixers, had a cheese plate and a new silver ice bucket.

Ice Bucket- Lenox
Serving Plates- Missoni by Target
Wooden Cheese Plate- Trader Joes
Champagne Flutes- World Market
Shot Glasses- family item


Thanks for commenting!! XOXO

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