The Same, But Different

So I’ve been talking about some changes that are going to be happening around here and the time has come to share what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Classy Chic & Chardonnay will be no longer. I’ve decided I want to get a little more creative and challenge myself by moving my site to a self-hosted site. If you’re following me now, I hope you move along with me in this new journey and don’t worry… it’s going to be the same, just a little different! Same me, same sale shopping, even the same format, just a new domain and new outfits!….


It was really important to me to create a space that not only I love, but something you all will hopefully find appealing and functional as well. You can now shop my favorite pieces in my side bar, instagrams, and even check out my full “boutique” of what’s in my closet or on my wish list! Everything has social media sharing buttons (so share away!) and I’m working on a bunch of little extras!

It’s been fun (and a little defeating at times) to do things on my own. (To get things in the right place with the right dimensions and look the way I want it to isn’t as easy as you’d think!) But I’m excited and re-energized and have some really cool things coming up!

I know moving my site and having a new domain is a big risk but what’s life without a little adventure?!



I’m going to continue to keep CC&C up and running but my new stuff will be on Chelsea’s Collection so I hope you check out the new site! Any & all feedback and/or comments are always welcome!! Thanks so much for reading these posts and can’t wait for you to read what I have in store! xo


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