Beacon Collection {by Warby Parker}

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Today, the 24th of July, Warby Parker has dropped some huge news! They’re releasing their Beacon Collection!

I know you’ve heard of Warby Parker. The actually affordable eye glasses shop that sends you 5 pairs to try and for every pair you purchase, they give a pair! (And they’ve distributed over one million pairs!!)  And to ensure that you get the absolute best looking pair of glasses out there, Warby Parker has an in house design team that gathers inspiration from around the globe! And the design team knocked it out of the park with this new collection.

The Beacon Collection not only has glasses but also sunglasses! It’s inspired by impromptu, can’t-duplicate-them all nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities. And how cool is this- the collection name is a hat-tip to the morning star, which you can catch just after sunset or right before sunrise. These glasses can easily transition from day to night looks, fancy to casual, and everything in between!

My personal favorite of the collection is the McKee in Whiskey Tortoise. It’s an easygoing, round frame that “suits medium faces and cheery personalities!”

 Check out the new collection here (sunglasses / glasses) and let me know what your favorite is!

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