Home Away From Home


College is a funny thing.

It’s terrifying when you’re entering, a learning experience while you’re there, and the best to look back on. I had such a great college experience at CNU, and every time I’m driving south through Virginia on 95 I get a little nostalgic, and this weekend will be no different.

I’m heading down to the good ‘ol Newport News for a friends wedding and I am so (beyond) excited. I’m excited to see friends that I haven’t seen recently, the campus that I grew to love, and excited to have all those feelings and reflect back on what those 4 years meant to me. Whenever I’m in town I of course visit all my favorite places. Lion’s Bridge, Plaza Azteca, the little boutiques of City Center and so much more. I’m just hoping I can squeeze them all in!




Outfit 1 details / Outfit 2 details

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  1. Love your nautical look! So cute for summer! I definitely love re-visiting my college and spending time with old friends! Have fun!

    Brittany Blake


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