Blue Crush

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Back to reality.

I always say you need a vacation after a vacation. Monday was cray-zee at work and yesterday wasn’t much better. Plus it’s SO rainy here in the DC area. Luckily they’re calling for it all to cease come Thursday, which is just in time for the weekend! Speaking of the weekend… what are your plans for the first weekend of May!? (Can you believe it’s already MAY!) Heading out to the Plains to Virginia Gold Cup? Funk Parade on U Street? Checking out some new exhibits at the museums? Stopping by all your favorite Mexican places in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo?! I’m definitely going to be catching up on house items and throw in some fun also. And yes I’m aware it’s only Wednesday but hey, half way through the week so I can start getting excited!

(Again I apologize for the little bit of MIAness but with the last minute errands and visiting all the friends and family in town for the wedding, it was a busy busy time but tons of fun!)

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Pants, Forever21 (love these) / Tshirt, J.Crew (here) / Jean Jacket, Old Navy (here) / Purse, Michael Kors (similar) / Sunglasses, Tory Burch (here) / Scarf, (similar) / Nails, OPI (here) / Heels, Forever21 (here)



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