Blue Skies

 photo DSC_1033_zpsba7b88bc.jpg

 photo DSC_1042_zps0437c7bf.jpg

It’s March now. Doesn’t that mean something to mother nature! Doesn’t she want to see all the pretty floral and pastels that we’ve purchased! Isn’t she tired of seeing me in this fur collar jacket?! Because I sure am! I swear my outfits are getting so repetitive and I definitely need to think about what layers to pair that I didn’t the week before!  My mornings go a little something like this… hit snooze, hit snooze again and turn on the news, roll out of bed and jump into my robe, stand in front of my closet and think “did I wear that sweater last week” and grab the sweater behind that and I’m on my way. So ready for skirts sans tights! The other weekend in the 60s was such a tease… Maybe if we all come together and boycot the cold weather it will go away… who’s with me?!

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 photo DSC_1044_zps40eecaef.jpg

 photo DSC_1045_zps304b750c.jpg

 photo DSC_1046_zpsa890a566.jpg

Pants, (Similar, Similar)/ Coat, Ann Klein (similar)/ Purse, Tory Burch (here)/ Gloves, gifted (similar)/ Shoes, C.Wonder (similar)/ Earrings, J.Crew (here)/ Chambray, (here)/ Sunglasses, Ray Ban (here)

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