Chair Obsession

Chair Obsession

I am having a major obsession with dining chairs right now.

I told you on Monday how it was official, I’m moving into a new apartment and how I’m so excited to decorate! (Eek!) But I also want to make sure that I start buying pieces that I really want, not just like in the moment. So right now shoes, purses, and clothes are not my obsession… dining chairs are! Laugh at me I know, it’s ridiculous but I have spent every night looking up pretty much every modern dining chair out there. Here’s a few things I’ve learned a) jeesh dining chairs can add up b) there are so many super cool chairs out there and c) they are an investment piece for your house. Think about how much your dining area or accent chairs make or break a room. It ties things together or can set the whole tone. And with our dining area and living room all one room the pressure is on!

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  1. the chairs are gorgeous, hard to pick favorite really. I have to admit I love chairs, I and my mom were in the same process that you are in now, and we really found it difficult when it cam to buying chairs, we couldn’t find the one that would satisfy us aesthetically and price wise. In the end we found a very good compromise, thank god, I thought I would die in one of those huge furniture outlets. Wish you good luck with a chair search, may God help you sit on the right one 🙂 ❤ xoxo Zhanna,


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