Bronzer / Lip / Shadow / Eyeliner / NARS Nails / MAC Nails / Gloss

I lied. I told you all I would have outfit posts ready to go by Wednesday and although I have a couple of outfit posts they’re not ready to be posted. I did however (thank you sister) take a couple shoots in Miami which I can’t wait to share! Seriously I didn’t know if I was going to come back to the cold D.C. weather. It was the most perfect getaway!

Miami girls have influenced me… Their makeup looked great in the heat, they have that  sun kissed skin all year round, and their bathing suit game is on point. I definitely need to step it up in the bathing suit department but the thing I took most from this trip is to have fun with colors. I love buying new lip glosses and lip sticks but I usually stick to the same colors. Go bold with a blue eyeliner or purple shadow. I have the neutrals and gold down but adding some bright fun colors could be fun!

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