Things To Do In Miami



Wow! That’s really all there is to say when you start looking into all the possibilities of a trip to Miami/South Beach, but I guess for the sake of the post I’ll try to take it further. Visiting the Miami area just looks like a constant whirlwind of beauty, fun, deliciousness, and ridiculousness. And what more could anyone want from a world-famous beach scene? In this post I’ll try to sift through all the glitz and appeal to point out some of the best tips I’ve seen for things to do in Miami.

Stroll South Beach

OK, so this is probably the most cliché piece of Miami tourism advice my brain could possibly have decided to cling to. But I’m going to do it anyway. There’s a reason this is the first thing anyone thinks of when they hear “South Beach.” Some places in the world are just so crazy they live up to their reputations, and South Beach is supposed to be one of them. From what I hear, just one walk down the beach—say, for an hour or so—exposes you to more gorgeous people (maybe celebrities??) than you’ve ever seen in your life. Also, for a place that’s constantly overflowing with tourism, the beach itself still looks pretty nice.

Stay At The Palms

There are at least dozens of ridiculously nice resorts throughout Miami and I’ve found that even the more basic, chain hotels are pretty great. Word seems to be that Fontainebleau is the hottest place to stay, but The Palms looks just as great. Also, it seems at least somewhat affordable. It’s still pricey, but for a limited trip it’s something that can be saved up for, and it really looks like a spectacular blend of luxury and beachside beauty.

Eat At Juvia

I probably never would have uncovered Juvia just walking around in Miami. But in doing research before my trip, I found it listed among the top restaurants in Miami, and I have to say it looks like one of the coolest dining experiences I’ve ever seen. The place is beautiful judging by the photos of its ultra-modern dining rooms while the menu combines so many cuisines that I’m not sure what you’d eat there—just that it will be delicious. It’s expensive, but seems worth a splurge.

Go Diving

Many might not think of Miami as a diving destination, and certainly it can’t quite approach the popularity or quality of nearby Caribbean destinations in this category. However, thanks to artificial reefs that have become truly spectacular, Miami has become a very respectable diving destination! I wouldn’t ordinarily have prepared for diving in Miami, but now I’m looking into gear rentals and bringing my contacts to spend some more time in the water. For those of you intrigued by the idea, Acuvue has numerous tips for traveling with contact lenses. For example, they note that “It’s a good idea to bring along two extra pairs of lenses in case you lose or damage your current pair.” Indeed, especially if you’re going to be diving and potentially losing one underwater.

Check Out “Little Havana”

Apparently Little Havana is one of the most authentic and charming bits of Miami. I’ve done the research, and as it turns out, even the large Cuban population of Miami supposedly appreciates the area’s authenticity! Food, music, etc.—it’s all there, all Cuban, and all looks like a blast. I imagine the main areas in Miami can get somewhat overwhelming, so this seems like it could occupy an afternoon at some point.

Go Clubbing – Absolutely Anywhere

Recommending a specific club just seems silly, because it seems like the club scene in Miami is about as heavy as it gets. I’d refer you instead to the Huffington Post‘s list of Miami clubs on the national top 100 list, which is probably what I’ll be using to dictate my clubbing experience.

Visit Key Biscayne

As enticing as a break in Little Havana appears for when Miami gets to be too much (I’m assuming this will happen at some point), Key Biscayne looks like an even better option for a possible retreat. The photos I’ve seen make it look like paradise, and supposedly its beaches are calmer and more relaxing (and less crowded) than South Beach. Plus, it has a lot of highly rated seafood places!

That’s about it! If a trip to Miami is on your radar, be sure to enjoy every aspect of the city you can because it’s an experience unlike any other.

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