A look back at 2013…

How is last year over already?! Seriously it flew by and was such a whirl wind! I’ve compiled a few of my favorite looks from 2013… In 2014 I’m going to refine my style but still have fun. A huge goal of mine is to start creating {multiple} outfits from pieces I already own and remember those pieces that are stuck in the back of my closet! (The amount of clothes I have is border line disgusting… a huge purge is in the near future!!!)

Thank you again for following along with me… can’t wait to see what 2014 posts bring!

 photo DSC_0449_zps2c58610f.jpg



 photo DSC_0458_zps5ccfecf4.jpgDSC_0070DSC01788DSC_0216

 photo DSC_0626_zps1c536c95.jpg


 photo DSC_0438_zpsa0196aed.jpg

 {Message/ Comment for outfit details}

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