Happy Thanksgiving Eve! It feels like just a couple months ago I was writing last year’s “What I’m Thankful For” post and to think about how much has changed over this past year is crazy. Of course I’m most thankful for my family. Each and every one of them. They are the funniest, most genuine, sometimes brutally honest, greatest support system I could ask for. My true friends, the ones that no matter how crazy things get they’re still by my side. My career, challenging me weekly, pushing me to learn and grow professionally but also as a person. Thankful for the changes that have happened over the year… Although things might not be easy in the beginning, everything is meant to be. I’m thankful for my readers, the followers and those who just stop by occasionally. This is my little outlet, and I appreciate you giving me a reason to keep posting 🙂

Enjoy time with family, friends, strangers… eat until you can’t even look at the pumpkin pie… laugh until your stomach aches… and reflect on all that they are thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving!


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