photo DSC02124_zps8dfe0f1b.jpgMy trusty Panama Hat, new Kate Spade sunglasses and a piece of coral I found on South Beach!

 photo DSC02122_zps43656fbf.jpgBeautiful blue water of South Beach

 photo DSC02128_zpsadca62fa.jpgAn afternoon storm cloud rolling through Key Biscayne

 photo DSC02125_zpsb0311970.jpgOcean Avenue

 photo DSC02120_zps8dd4e4e0.jpgSitting on the beach taking in the beautiful view

 photo DSC02126_zps0c49b11b.jpgEspanol Way in South Beach, Miami

 photo DSC02129_zpsdd0e7961.jpg

The Biscayne Bay Lighthouse

I had such a wonderful Labor Day getaway in Miami… the weather was great, sights were beautiful and drinks were delicious! I’m so glad that I went on this trip and can’t wait to go back!

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