Beach Vacation Staples

Beach Vacation Staples

A summer is not complete without at least one trip to the beach and with it being Memorial Day weekend I figured I’d put together a couple pieces that I think are necessary to pack for any summer vacation…
1. A maxi dress can be so versatile. You can wear it as a cover-up or out to dinner
2. Sandals are necessary for obvious reasons, but spice it up and try it one in a patent or bright color!
3. Bright jewelry. (I don’t usually pack too much jewelry on trips but fun pieces like these wont take up too much space and can be worn with any outfit!)
4. A beach bag- there’s tons of options out there but how cute is this Kate Spade “last straw” bag. It’s so chic you can pack with sunscreen and water bottles or your going out necessities!
5. Shorts- these floral ones are perfect for perusing the boardwalk or sneaking in some shopping!
6. A tank that can be paired with shorts, bathing suit bottoms, pants, etc. Its good to pack pieces that can get multiple uses!
7. A straw hat not only provides sun protection but adds an edge to your look. (If you’re not a hat perfect bring a scarf to wrap around your head- no burnt scalp with these options!)
8. Sunglasses. You can bring as many or few as you please but you can’t go to the beach without them!

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  1. I agree with all your essentials! I’m going to Hawaii in a couple weeks so I’ve been trying to buy the basics recently! xx


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