Of course every Friday brings a sense of relief… maybe you have a fun weekend planned, maybe you finally finished a project at work or maybe you’re just excited to sleep in. Today, after a week filled with constant breaking news and heartache, brought another kind of feeling to me.

I sat in my robe this morning mesmerized by the sounds of the shoot out that happened last night between the FBI, Boston Police and the Boston Marathon Suspects. I didn’t spend too much time wondering what to wear today, or how my hair looked. I thought about my family, friends and those I have never met. I thought about how sad I was for those mourning the loss of their loved ones, how angry I was that two people could bring such chaos and disturbance to our country, but mostly I felt a sense of pride. I am proud and blessed and honored to be an American. I am so thankful that we have people in this country that are dedicating their lives to find justice. The FBI, the police, the military, and all those who at the site helped those in need and those who have made contributions, even as small as a prayer.

I hate that it takes an event such as this to make everyone pause, but in other countries what happened is a regular occurence. They don’t have the sense of pride that we do, they don’t have the humanity that we do, and they don’t know what it’s like to live in a country as wonderful as ours.

Take a moment and just reflect on all the good that is in your life. Be thankful for the little things, say a prayer to whoever you believe in, and don’t take a day for granted.




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