You know those weekends when you want to look cute running errands… what?! Yes I’ve said it out loud, even when you’re just running errands on the weekend sometimes you don’t want to look like a complete slob… I mean you never know who you’re going to run into or better yet meet! I struggle with these types of outfits every weekend, since those leggings and over-sized sweater are always easier to grab. But if you take 2 seconds… maybe 1 second to think “hey what do I have in my dresser” you’ll think of some super cute outfits! This was the last outfit I had my sister sneak into our photo shoot day and it wasn’t even planned! I just bought these pants from H&M the same day I purchased my favorite new peplum and loved the color and pattern of them. I was planning on visiting a couple of stores with my sister and since it was flurrying I grabbed a striped tshirt and this sweater and my new neon cross body that I got as a Valentine’s day present. My sister insisted that we capture this look as well since it played so well on another trend that has stayed through the winter months…neon!

Pants, H&M (another pink option here)/ Tshirt, Forever21 / Sweater, Madewell (another Madewell favorite) / Flats. Loehmans / Cross body, J.Crew (found here)/ Earrings, Kate Spade/ Sunglasses, Target



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