Matchy – Matchy

I look a mess in the pictures. It just was not my day… I woke up late (my fault- hit snooze multiple times), it was freezing cold outside, my skirt was wrinkled and the list goes on and on. I probably took 20 pictures (I usually take 5-10) and didn’t like any of them! My hair was blowing, I was freezing and then I finally just gave up on getting the perfect photos. I debated not putting these up at all but I really liked the color combination. It isn’t anything super special but the playing on the shades of blues and greens was about the only thing going for me! Better pictures to come I promise… especially since I just ordered a BRAND NEW DSLR camera and tripod! I am beyond excited!





Skirt, J.Crew (Found here in other colors [on sale!]) / Plaid Shirt, Old Navy (old) / Cardigan, Target (old)/ Tights, Calvin Klein (they’re a slate grey) Jacket, J.Crew (sold out)/ Belt, J.Crew (old)/ Sunglasses, Target


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