Bayou Bakery

I have been wanting to go to Bayou Bakery for so SO so long and finally got to go this past weekend! It was absolutely worth the wait! It’s a walk-up-to-the-counter-and-order type restaurant with lots of little tables for 2, 4 or 6. As we stood in line I could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves and my mouth immediately started watering when I smelt the southern style cooking! Grits, BBQ, Gator bites, Biscuits… they have it all!

I ordered a ‘build it yourself’ breakfast sandwhich- buscuit, egg, cheese and turkey sausage. My boyfriend ordered pork BBQ on a buscuit and “bengets” as he pronounced them…. aka beignets… that were topped with literally a foot of powdered sugar! There was no pretty way of eating this meal. The buscuits were thick and the powdered sugar got everywhere, but it was delicious!


If you live in the DC Metro area, or happen to be driving through be sure to stop by Courthouse in Arlington, VA and have a little bit of southern comfort cajun food! 1515 N Courthouse Rd. Arlington, VA 22201

Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXOX



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