Beach Themed

Figured it was a little comical that my last post was named “Snow Day” and this one “Beach Themed” but hey… I’m warm weather wishing! I have never been a big fan of the beach themed decor unless you live at the beach. If you live at the beach, then it makes sense. When you live 3 hours away from a beach its just silly. Well my tastes have been questioned lately thanks to Pinterest (you can follow me here) and everyone pinning some really cool and chic beach inspired home decor. My roommates mom had purshased these white silk with blue coral pillows and since our living room and dining room flow into eachother I wanted to create some sort of similiarity. I decided I was going to fill our empty wall with some good ol hand paintings!

To make prints of coral it’s super easy. I bought two blank white canvases, 3 different shades of blue paint, construction paper and tape. With the construction paper cut out your coral designs and use it as a stencil. Instead of brushing trying blotting with a sponge to create a more “corally” look.  I love how they turned out. Do they look like professional paintings, not even close, but it brings the blues into the room and ties the whole look together!DSC01756








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