J.Crew Steal

This week has been beyond stressful. Getting to work early, leaving late and working through lunch. Well then yesterday I decided to finally walk across the street to visit one of my favorite, stress-free, places… Tyson’s Galleria. I walked around, in and out of stores, and told myself I was not allowed to purchase anything but then I entered J.Crew and their 40% off sale. So buying nothing turned into allowed to purchase 1 item… just ONE. Well I definitely chose the right one. I convinced myself that these Cafe Capris in Wool were a great steal priced at $49.99 + the 40% off… little did I know I was in for a complete shock. I’ll give you the play by play- I walked up to the counter, gave the cashier the pants, she rang them up, I noticed the $19.99 flash across the screen and then she said $13.00. Yup…. my originally $128 pants were only $13! Love a good sale!… Outfit post with these coming soon!

J.Crew Steal


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