You know when you want an item of clothing but can’t justify spending the money for it… thats how I felt about worn, ripped jeans. Love how effortless and the comfortable vibe they give off but can’t seem to pay for jeans that are ripped! UNTIL this one day- during my lunch break, per usual, I skipped eating and went browsing shopping. I was in Nordstrom Rack looking through the sale racks and spoted these. I picked them up and then I saw the price tag $8.10. Yes, I kid you not these Vigoss Jeans I got for $8.10. Figured the were too cheap to walk away from and I would have spent $8.10 on my lunch anyway! They have quickly become my go-to jeans to wear on the weekend or slip into after work!

Jeans, Vigoss via Nordstrom Rack/ Sweater, J. Crew/ Chambray shirt, Marshalls/ Aviators, Boots, Report via Nordstrom/ Bracelets, Kate Spade/



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