Jet Setting Comfortable

A couple weekends ago I went down to Disney World and this coming weekend I’m finding myself on a plane again traveling to Miami… more than how many shoes to bring, or what the weather will be, I worry about what to wear on the plane [and be comfortable!] I’m always either freezing or burning up on the plane and in airports, so finding that happy medium is a task in itself. There’s something about the seats that give me the heebie jeebies making me definitely a jeans or pants wearing traveler. Flip flops for sure so it’s easy to kick off during the security check and always a sweater to throw over a tank in case the person next to you blasts the stream of cold air that hits you instead of them!

Jet Setting Comfortable

J Crew crewneck sweater
$73 –

J Crew cotton tank top
$9.99 –

J Crew fitted top
$9.99 –

Levi Strauss & Co skinny leg jeans
€141 –

Tkees pink sandals
€65 –

Longchamp leather shoulder bag
£72 –

Red ring
$9.95 –


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