Drinking Around the World

Drinking around the world in Epcot is no joke… we found and followed suggestions from others and so after experiencing it myself I am going to make my own “Drinking Around the World Like Me” guide and I bet you if you are sort of a light weight and not such a big beer fan but love to have fun by the time you get to “UK” you’ll be drunk if not very close to drunk! We started off in Mexico at La Cava del Tequila, which is located inside the pavillion to the right. I got the most delicious pineapple margarita that was the perfect way to start off my day drinking!
After Mexico you’re off to Norway where you have to get a Carlsberg from the beer cart… be careful, it’s right at the beginning so don’t miss it! The next stop is China, which we skipped due to time constraints but we walked around for a bit finishing our Norweigian beer.
After China you arrive in Germany where beer is a competition! Go to Sommerfest and get an Octoberfest beer. It’s very flavorful and filling which prevented me from getting anything at stop #5…Italy. The suggestion is to grab a table at Via Napoli and order a pitcher of Moretti or Sangria. Half way around the world is drum roll please… THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! USA!! So of course we had to stop (especially since we were all a little bit drunk seeing that we hardly ate anything) at the Liberty Inn for some bud light and good ol american fare.
In Japan (we skipped) its suggested that you stop at the Kaki Gori food cart for sake, plum wine or Kirin draft beer. It was a bit rainy so we briefly stopped in Moracco before we spoted the stand that we had all been waiting for… The Les Vins des Chefs de France cart. This is where the legendary Grand Mariner Orange Slush is served and let me tell you… I could have drunk a million of these babes, SO GOOD and pushed me over into drunk territory! So by the time we made it to the United Kingdom, and entered Rose & Crown we were all ready to have a good night! We made friends with the bar tenders, got yelled at by the manager and I’m pretty sure almost got kicked out! We ended in Canada just in time for one last beer from the snack cart and to watch the laser show!


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