Paper Flower

Whenever I go to craft stores I cringe at how the simplest DIY projects are sold for entirely too much money… there is a lady whose name rhymes with bartha fewart who makes a pretty penny off putting together craft projects- and yes it is convenient but don’t give in!!!

For tissue paper flowers it’s seriously as easy as 1 2 3.
All you need is tissue paper (in any color of your choice), scissors and either string or wire.
To begin fold the tissue paper accordian style. I would use 5-8 pieces of paper depending on how “fluffly” you want the flowers. If you’re making small flowers (like this example) opt for 3-5 pieces.

Then you’re going to either cinch the middle with a piece of string or wire.

Piece by piece push the pieces upward and separate. Be careful not to tare the pieces however if you do, it’s unlikely it will be noticed.

They’re super fun to decorate parties by hanging from the ceiling or if you make small flowers you can decorate desserts or platters. Have fun!


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