blue + yellow = green

You know those days when you wake up and the sun is shining but by the time you get out of the shower the gray skies have rolled in… really those are my least favorite days and with a work wardrobe consisting of mostly blacks I forced myself to put on an outfit with some color. And knowing that my hair doesn’t stand a chance against rain, I decided to try out (drum roll please…) the sock bun! Yes I have a sock on my head in these pictures, it was a thought that kept replaying in my mind all day, so much so that at one point I laughed when my co-worker asked me how I got my hair to stay in a bun all day!

Blouse, J.Crew (old) / Skirt, Forever21 (similar found here) / Rainboots, Hunter (found here) / Sweater, B.P for Nordstrom (similar found here) / Necklace, J.Crew (similar found here) / Umbrella, Coach / Belt, vintage



  1. WOW You look really adorable wearing your Rubber Wellies with Tights, I always wear Tights when I’ve got my Wellies on.


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