Braving the Storm

This winter has been such a whirl-wind. There have been 55 degree days followed by a morning of snow. Seriously determining how to dress has been a job in itself! I checked the weather and it said mid 40’s and possible rain so as I was leaving to run some errands I grabbed my flats, jeans, rain coat, scarf and clutch… well that rain was actually snow and that 40 degrees was 20 degrees warmer than what it felt like outside! Gosh I was freezing! But I love this jacket and it turned my super super simple outfit a little more fun!

Rain Coat, Ann Taylor Loft; Jeans, Ann Taylor Loft; Turtle Neck, J.Crew; Scarf, Pashmina; Clutch, Lilly Pulitzer Print via Etsy (gift); Bracelet, J.Crew; Ring, Tiffany & Co.;
Flats, Loehmans

P.S. For lent I have decided to give up two of my biggest loves in life… pizza and shopping. Lets see if I can do it!



  1. We’ve had the same all-over-the-place weather this winter too. I love your raincoat with its sweet polka dot lining and that great scarf and clutch. Good luck with your lent goals, I don’t know what would be harder, shopping or pizza!


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