Pop Tarts

As a kid growing up in a house of five kids it was every man for themselves when it came to getting the “good” food… and one of the items that would disappear from the pantry the quickest was always pop tarts. Blueberry, Strawberry, S’more, it didn’t matter the flavor; the sweet breakfast treats were a treasure. Over the weekend I decided I wanted to try to make my own version of the quick tart. I had some leftover pie crust in the fridge, nutella in the cabinet and I had recently purchased strawberries so I had the brilliant idea to put them together and let me tell you… it was a little piece of heaven in my mouth when I bit into it. Just like the store bought pop tarts they tasted good hot or cold but if you want a real mouth full of joy, bake these and after letting them cool for just a little bit, grab a glass of milk and eat them while the nutella is still seaping out.

Ingredients you’ll need… pie crust, strawberries, nutella, melted butter, sugar. I decided to go with a circle shape but any cookie cutter will do the trick as long as there’s enough room for nutella and a strawberry in the middle. I used a scalloped press for the edges but a fork will do the trick of sealing the pocket. Brush on some melted butter and adorn with sugar. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes or until the pie crust is no longer doughy.



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