DC Pick: Kushi

I am not an adventurous eater but last Friday I sucked it up and decided that for one night I was going to take some risks. I have eaten sushi before but I always opt for the very americanized (I’m talking the fried pieces) KUSHI is an Izakaya and Sushi restaurant located in the heart of Mt. Vernon Square, Washington DC. Kind of close to the Verizon center off of K street. Everything is served “small plate” style so it’s a great excuse to order multiple things!

The menu is printed each day with options from raw to good grilled items. My meal consisted of at least one item from each section of the menu…

KOBACHI (Small Plates)- Edamame w/ sea salt
KUSHI YAKI (Charcoal grilled skewers)- Duck breast
KUSHI KATSU (Deep fried skewers)-Bacon & scallop
ROBATA WOOD GRILL- Kabocha squash
SUSHI: NIGIRI- Ikura / salmon roe
SUSHI: MAKIMONO- Spicy California w/ fresh lump crab meat & Jalapeño and Spicy tuna (obviously I chose the spicy rolls!)

I highly recommend trying this place out if you like sushi or not. The atmosphere is great, not overly priced and it turned out to be a great night!


Thanks for commenting!! XOXO

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