Purple Ecstasy

I recently ordered Urban Decay’s Liquid Eyeline in Ecstasy and have been dying for it to come in. I’m usually a Benefit buyer but decided to branch out a little bit since it was such a pretty picture and little bit more risky than I’d usually choose. It’s for sure a bright purple but not obnoxious at all! I wore it to work and didn’t feel like a drag queen or get any weird looks. So my conclusion; I love it, and although I’m not going to wear it on a daily basis I’ll use it more recently than I originally thought! (And for all you green eyes out there- purple highlights and makes eyes appear more green.)

Urban Decay’s website says “One of the widest ranges of liquid shades in the industry! This slick and shiny formula features GORGEOUS color payout and will not budge once dry” and received 4.5/5 stars!

The Liquid Liner also comes in Roach (brown), Radium (Blue), and plenty of other fun colors!

And to convince you a little bit more to try this liquid liner out… Free Shipping on all orders from Ulta online. Just use code 53495 at checkout!


Thanks for commenting!! XOXO

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