Fresh Flowers

My neighbor Lisa recently moved up to Penn State territory and being that she was a florist had a couple more weddings to finish up this season. She asked me to help her with a wedding Oct. 8 at the Art Space in Herndon. From the outside the white boxy building has no appeal but inside the artwork and lighting would make a beautiful atmosphere to profess your love. The bride had chosen black magic roses and calla lilies to be her flowers. Together or separate these looked great against the bright reds and deep purples of the art gallery.

There were some left over flowers and instead of pitching them out I put together two little arrangements for our apartment. I know fresh flowers are a pain to keep pretty and it adds up if you’re buying them each week but they’re gorgeous! (And have a sweet scent)

A vase of scattered mini roses is now a resident of our kitchen for the next few days and a fish bowl vase filled with black magic roses and calla lilies is placed on our trunk in the living room. The scattered roses have no rhyme or reason to the arrangement, just a snip of the bottoms and placed in. The dome of roses and callas are a little more strategically placed to add some elegance to our living room.


Thanks for commenting!! XOXO

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