Autumn Bark

I don’t know what it is about fall but it puts me in the mood to bake and try new things! I love peppermint bark around Christmas so I wanted to make some that brought out the colors of fall. It’s super simple to make and who doesn’t like a chocolate indulgence!

You can pretty much choose whatever ingredients you want. I decided upon milk chocolate, white cholocate, pretzels, heath bars, reeses cups, and butterfingers. Cover a pan with aluminum foil. On low heat melt the chocolate chips. The melted chocolate is your base. Add your crushed/broken ingredients (i.e. pretzels, butterfingers, etc.) and press down so they adhere to the melted chocolate. Add another layer of chocolate and then top with whatever else you want! Put the concoction in the fridge to cool and let it sit. After a couple hours take it out, break it up into pieces and enjoy!


(P.S. This was also a good excuse to use my Missoni by Target serving dishes!)



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