My parents lived in New Orleans years ago and have a love for cajun food, greens, parties and the culture but the one thing they recreated in our house in Virginia was a courtyard.

I moved to my family house back in elementary school. I had my first childhood years in Massachusettes spent on acres and acres of land with forests that backed up into Canada. When I came to see my new house I was astonished that they could even call our backyard a yard! But it has become my favorite “escape.”

It is small but beautiful. It is surrounded by my neighbors fences but my parents did a fabulous job at putting in trees and greenary to hide the wooden slates. Stain glass lanterns are hung in the trees and the entire area is bricked with plenty of seating. It is the perfect place to eat dinner, paint my nails or sip a cocktail.

Everything is simple. Like New Orleans and the French Quarter everything is black iron. Green and rust have been the colors chosen to bring out the beauty in the plants and vegetables grown. If its around 8pm and you don’t know where I am, you can bet I’m sitting on the bench barefoot with a glass of wine and watching the sunset through the trees.


Thanks for commenting!! XOXO

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