Everyday Eyes

When it comes to every-day makeup the purples, blues and smokey eyes are a little too much in my opinion. If you want to wear all that and then some at night or for special occasions be my guest but during the day (and especially at work) keep it simple and natural looking. For eyeshadow opt for a nude, pink or gold. You can have fun with these colors finding shadows with a shimmer or matte.

These are my favorite eyeshadows that I’ve used over the years for my day to day look.

Stila- shimmering nude pink ($18, shephora.com)
MAC- select pink bronze to shop ($19.50, MAC.com)
Bare-Escentuals- 14K Gold ($14, shephora.com)
Physicians Formula- Baked Sands 3692 ($7.99, ulta.com)

(For those looking for color and smokey eyes- I’ll do another post on that later!)


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