Luscious Lashes

Recently I had a request to do blog posts on make up so I thought I’d start off with my most favorite item- mascara. Even on the days that I go all-natural I do a quick swipe of mascara. It’s amazing how just a little lift or darkening of the lashes brightens up your entire face. I have three go-to mascaras that I switch between depending on the occasion.

When applying mascara it’s best to move the brush wand in a zig-zag motion from the root to the tip of the lash. This allows each lash to be touched by the brush and separates the lashes to give the appearance of volume.

DO NOT “pump” your mascara wand, this allows too much oxygen to enter the tube and dries out the mascara. (And bacteria gets in!) I choose not to use primer because I find after a few hours the mascara tends to look gray instead of the black or brown that is intended.

Even if you’re in a rush make sure you dap the tip of your mascara wand on a tissue to get rid of the glob that sometimes forms. Clumpy lashes are never a good look- thick full lashes give off the desired sultry look.

Mascaras have been reviewed by beauty experts time and time again. Read reviews because like all makeup, different mascaras work differently on people.

These three are my favorite mascaras (believe me I’ve tried A LOT!)
Bad Gal Lash by Benefit ($20) makes my lashes look so long and full. It has a very glossy black finish and doesn’t clump on me at all. If you want fanned out lashes I definitely recommend this mascara.
Full and Soft by Maybelline ($8) is my go to mascara when I don’t want to shove out the cash. Like Bad Gal Lash, lashes look full but definitely softer. I get the blackest black color and it’s great to make your lashes look super dark. The one con I find with this mascara is that it dries very fast and you have to apply a couple of coats to get the look you desire.
If you like your lashes to look separated and curved up, One by One Volume Express by Maybelline ($9) is the mascara for you! The brush really separates your lashes and curls them upward. I love this one when I’m applying mascara to my bottom lashes!


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